Vermont Public Utility Commission

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ePUC is the Vermont Public Utility Commission's ("Commission") electronic case and document management system. ePUC includes:
  • public documents and other information in all types of cases filed with the Commission since 2017, and
  • most Commission orders issued since the early 1970s.
Without being logged in to ePUC, you can:
  • Search Commission cases
  • Open all public documents in ePUC
  • File a public comment with the Commission
You must create an ePUC user account and log in to:
  • File a new case with the Commission
  • File a motion to intervene in a case
  • File additional documents in a case
  • See all cases that have been created in ePUC by you or anyone under your agency account
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Reminder: All parties participating in cases before the Vermont Public Utility Commission must follow the Commission's procedural rules. These rules require all filings to be made using ePUC unless one of the exceptions in Commission Rule 2.110 applies. The Commission's general Rules of Practice are contained in Commission Rule 2.000. Special rules apply to net-metering cases; these are included in Commission Rule 5.100. Depending on the type of case, other Commission rules may also apply. All Commission rules are available on the Commission's website.

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The ePUC online filing system is most compatible with Mozilla Firefox.