Vermont Public Utility Commission

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EEU-2016-03 EEU Demand Resources Plan Open Case Age: 1060
Regulatory / Petition: Open Date filed: 06/7/16
Vermont Department of Public Service [Petitioner]  
Energy Efficiency Utility
1 Issue(s):Other    
Commission-Issued Documents
Commission-Issued Documents 
Issued Name of Document Title Status Seal Type View Document
    12/28/2018 Order - Other Order Approving EEU Administrative Efficiency Framework Issued Public
    08/22/2018 Order - Other Procedural Order re: DPS Request for Additional Time Issued Public
    02/14/2018 Notice of Workshop Notice of DRP Debrief Workshop Issued Public
    11/13/2017 Order - Other Order re Technical Correction to VGS QPIs Issued Public
    11/13/2017 Other Clerk-issued document Memorandum re: filing EEU Triennial Plans in ePUC Issued Public
    11/09/2017 Order - Other EEU-2016-03 Order Re: Compensation Set-Aside and Performance Targets for Efficiency Vermont Issued Public
    10/31/2017 Procedural Order Procedural Order Extending Filing Deadline for Triennial Plans Issued Public
    10/12/2017 Order - Other Order Re: Development & Support Service Budgets, Evaluation Budgets, Other Program Budgets, Forecasts of Expected Savings, and Performance Targets Issued Public
    09/15/2017 Notice of Workshop Memo re Rescheduled Workshop Issued Public
    07/26/2017 Notice of Workshop Memorandum and Notice of August 1, Workshop Issued Public
    07/24/2017 Order - Other Order Re: Clarification to July 7, 2017 Order Issued Public
    07/24/2017 Order re Schedule Procedural Order Re: Schedule Amendment Issued Public
    07/07/2017 Order - Other EEU-2016-03 Resource-Acquisition Budgets Order Issued Public
    03/30/2017 Order - Other Order re Conservation Law Foundation Motion to Alter and Motion for Relief from Order Issued Public
    03/24/2017 Procedural Order Procedural Order re Schedule Amendment Issued Public
    02/24/2017 Notice of Workshop Notice of Workshop on 3/10/17 Issued Public
    02/09/2017 Order re Schedule Order re Schedule Amendment Issued Public
    02/03/2017 Notice of Workshop Notice of Workshops Issued Public
    02/03/2017 Other Hearing Officer-issued document Memo re: ePSB Standards & Procedures Issued Public
    12/28/2016 Other Clerk-issued document Memo re Board decision to process case in ePSB Issued Public
    12/23/2016 Notice of Workshop Memo re 1/26/17 workshop Issued Public
    11/17/2016 Order re Schedule Procedural Order re: Deadline for Comments Addressing Conservation Law Foundation Motion Issued Public
    11/15/2016 Order re Schedule Procedural Order re: Potential Study Workshop Issued Public
    10/27/2016 Order - Other Order Determining Resource Acquisition Scenarios to be Analyzed, Modeling Inputs, TEPF Revenue Forecast, and Quantitative Performance Indicator Framework Issued Public
    09/27/2016 Other Clerk-issued document Memo re DPS request for extension Issued Public
    09/12/2016 Notice of Workshop Memo re 9/22/16 Workshop Issued Public
    08/05/2016 Order re Schedule Scheduling Order Issued Public
    06/17/2016 Order Opening Investigation Order Opening Proceeding and Notice of Workshop Issued Public
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