Vermont Public Utility Commission

Case Details

8840 Ampersand Gilman Hydro Rule 4.100 PPA Closed Case Age: 127
Regulatory / Petition: Closed Date filed: 09/2/16
Ampersand Gilman Hydro, LP [Petitioner]  
1 Issue(s):Other    
Commission-Issued Documents
Commission-Issued Documents 
Issued Name of Document Title Status Seal Type View Document
    01/04/2018 Order - Other Order Denying Motion for Reconsideration Issued Public
    04/21/2017 Order - Other Order Granting Motion to Dismiss Issued Public
    12/28/2016 Other Clerk-issued document Memo to parties re Board decision to process case in ePSB Issued Public
    11/10/2016 Other Clerk-issued document Notice Pursuant to Vermont Public Service Board Rule 4.104(A) Issued Public
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