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22-5415-AN Advance notice- VT Real Estate Holdings 1 LLC/20 MW-Shaftsbury Closed Case Age: 134
Regulatory / Advance Notice: Closed Date filed: 12/20/22
VT Real Estate Holdings 1 LLC [Petitioner]  
1 Issue(s):§ 248   1 Location(s):Shaftsbury  

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  Advance Notice
    03/23/2023 Jorgensen, Richard Matthew [PUBCOM]
See attached file Filed
Much of this site is on a north facing hill, which makes for inefficient power generation. Please conduct a review of comparable Vermont solar projects (e.g. Ludlow,Pownal) to assess the validity of the developers claims/assumptions regarding power/energy output, transformer dark loss, panel failure rate, site maintenance (e.g. snow removal, mowing, herbicide use), and financial benefit to the town/state (taxes, power sales, renewable credits, etc.), and provide a summary of lessons learned. Filed
    02/08/2023 Kunnath, Doug [PUBCOM]
I want to object to replacing our beautiful natural landscape with solar panels that not only destroy views but also much of the land around the area. A strong part of our tourism is the beauty of our area which would take a massive hit if a focal point of visitors' trip would include having to see this massive solar field. While I can appreciate the advancement of this technology, the proposed location and impact is too negative to be worth something that does not even benefit the residents. Filed
    02/06/2023 Delurey, Keegan [PUBCOMRO]
My main concern is the effect it will have on local wildlife, mainly due to the fenced perimeter. VT is home to many species that will undoubtably be effected by climate change that solar panels will help mitigate, but those species will also be effected by impenetrable fences that hinder their ability to travel and, in doing so, their ability to thrive, survive, and share their genes with neighboring populations. I am opposed to any project that hinders the ability for wildlife to roam freely. Filed
    02/03/2023 Whitmire, Diane [PUBCOMRO]
I live on a small farm in Shaftsbury surrounded by lands conserved by the Vt Land Trust. This preservation of Shaftsbury farmland and scenery is what keeps Vermont beautiful and healthy and protective of our lands and wildlife. Our main economic revenue for the state is tourism and your proposal jeopardizes that. Keep Vermont beautiful. Filed
    02/03/2023 Seth, Berger [PUBCOM]
I am not opposed to solar when done properly, however, I vehemently oppose this project on a number of grounds. First of all, this would cost Shaftsbury valuable farmland and forests which are home to important native species. Additionally, the project does not directly benefit the residents of Shaftsbury, or southern Vermont. Why should we allow a company to degrade our land and ship the energy and profits out of state. There are other reason I oppose this but I am out of space to comment. Filed
    02/03/2023 SMITH, KENNETH [PUBCOMRO]
As a Shaftsbury resident, I am vehemently opposed to this Solar Farm Project. Shaftsbury is a rural community of farms and rolling hills and economically supported by agriculture and tourism because of its beauty and wildlife. The proximity to the Green Mountain Forest outreaches into community enhancing the lifestyle in this community. It is beyond comprehension why a solar farm would be developed taking away and mitigating green space for all eternity. See additional comments attached Filed
    02/03/2023 Blackburn, David [PUBCOM]
I live on Holy Smoke Rd and while not an "abutter" technically, I live approximately 500 ft from the proposed solar farm. I am opposed to the project for a number of reasons and while my understanding is that specific "non-technical" objections are not considered relevant, the existing process form making decisions which have a tremendous impact on the community is flawed. Apart from the aesthetic issues, I am concerned about inadequate resources to handle a wildfire should it occur. Filed
    02/03/2023 Roberts, Jessica [PUBCOM]
The huge size of this project is unreasonable. Shaftsbury is beautiful and this is a farming neighborhood. Yes the farms are large, but that doesn’t mean every inch of space is loved and enjoyed in its natural state. I am not an abutter but my family does own property in the immediate area and I have plans to build soon on my 2.6 acres off Trumbull Hill - a small log cabin that pales in size to this huge acreage of development. I sad to see this area targeted for such a large manufacturing idea Filed
    02/03/2023 Smith, Amie Witten [PUBCOM]
"see attached file" Filed
    02/03/2023 Hall, Margaret Washburn [PUBCOM]
On behalf of the Hall family, the former owners of Shaftsbury Tax Parcel #110, I respectfully submit the following issues and documentation related to the industrial solar farm project proposed in the Township of Shaftsbury informing the VT Public Utility Commission that a Warranty Deed restriction exists on Lot#110. Thank you. Filed
    02/03/2023 Costin, Sarah [PUBCOM]
Removing 30 acres of woodland for a solar field is absurd, and the assurance that the solar array won’t be seen from the road is debatable. The solar array will be visible from the higher elevation of West Road in Shaftsbury, known to tourists as one of the most beautiful views in Vermont. South is the Bennington Monument, Mt. Anthony, and Mt. Greylock. East is Glastenbury, Holy Smoke Road, and the proposed solar site. This project will destroy an iconic view, jeopardizing tourism in Shaftsbury. Filed
    02/03/2023 Stratton, Lynne and Kevin [PUBCOM]
We write to express our strong opposition to the solar project proposed on Holy Smoke Rd. in Shaftsbury. We live on Holy Smoke Rd, which cannot handle increased traffic. This land is prime agricultural land and natural habitat for local wildlife. No. Bennington water supply runs through this property. This industrial sized project will affect our beautiful lands, water and property values adversely in our rural neighborhood. We can’t let this happen in Vermont. Keep Vermont the Vermont we love. Filed
    02/03/2023 McCloud, Joan [PUBCOMRO]
I do have an issue, of very little notice of this project! I heard about it 4 days before commenting closes. Why no mass mailing to town folks about this significant project? Are you planning on fencing in this 80 acres and changing wild life corridors? Why is all power going out of state (no help for here). Thanks for planning on handing the state more money for education. That doesn't help me pay my 98 percent homeowner education tax! Truly as concerned citizen, what's this doing for our tow Filed
    02/03/2023 sternberg, shira ariel [PUBCOM]
I am opposed to the destruction of agricultural and forest lands for the purposes of this massively inappropriate solar field project. Filed
    02/03/2023 Smith, Thomas G [PUBCOM]
Freepoint, pls make sure the PUC understands that Shaftsbury does not want your proposed power plant. This is because it does not fit the specific rural/residential location, it sacrifices prime agricultural land necessary for VT's sustainability and it threatens clean water supplies. Also, the profits and electricity will primarily flow out of state, and entirely out of Shaftsbury. Your greed is fouling our lives in the name of clean energy. We ask you find a more suitable, commercial, site. Filed
    02/03/2023 Buttle, Austin [PUBCOM]
See Attached File. I have severe concerns about this project. Not only about the destruction of the wetlands and ecosystem that this project will incur but also about the viability of the project as a whole. Vermont is known for its pristine beauty, with this being an outrageous scar upon our wilderness. Furthermore, Vermont has minimal solar potential; with our far northern latitude, the sun's angle for most of the year will not produce peak performance for the standard four to six hours a day. Filed
    02/03/2023 Mattison, Gerald [PUBCOMRO]
I am a 7th generation born and raised in Shaftsbury VT also someone who has stood before the PSB board for a hydro power purchase agreement. If this project was really about power generation Vermont wouldnt be in a contract with Hydro Quebec. This situation has been created by those elected to govern. There should he a moratorium on solar till they can right the wrongs and serve VT first. To allow the rape and pilage of our lands to serve another defies basic logic and common sence. Filed
    02/03/2023 McGurn, Mallory [PUBCOMRO]
See attached file Filed
    02/03/2023 Betit, Mary Edith [PUBCOM]
To be up front we are against the solar farm. In researching solar farms, my concerns are many. 1. Solar panels give off electromagnetic radiation.It can cause health issues. Does the radiation travel? How will this affect our wildlife, vegetation and ground water? We all have wells. 2. What’s the impact on our wildlife with loss of habitat? 3. Will there be toxic waste coming off the panels and leaching into groundwater? If so what are the health risks or dangers to wildlife and habitat? Filed
    02/03/2023 Smith, Thomas G [PUBCOM]
The Freepoint notice letter references "outreach efforts" with Shaftsbury and BCRC during summer / fall 2022, where initial feedback was received on the Project. Please provide the specific time, location and attendees of these meetings, topics discussed, and the comments /feedback that was provided to you. On what basis do you say that the Project is "considerate of the interests of the community and region"? The residents of Shaftsbury feel Freepoint has no intention to consider our interests. Filed
    02/03/2023 Travis, Buttle R [PUBCOM]
I have seen some of the materials for the proposed Shaftsbury Solar PUC. My main concern is the wildlife habitat that is fractionalized by the exclusionary fencing of the nearly 180 acres. What wildlife impact studies have been planned or completed? Every native species of wildlife that currently calls Hale Mountain home will be impacted by the additional fragmentation of each of their habitats. Outside of the wildlife impact, what is to happen with all of the panels in 20 years when dead? Filed
    02/03/2023 Berstene, Virginia Harrison [PUBCOM]
As a long time resident of Shaftsbury VT whose parents were true stewards of the town, I am totally aghast that an out of state company can attempt to put a commercial size solar project in pristine agricultural, forest and wildlife habitat which reaps no benefit to the town or state. For visitors and residents themselves the open natural beauty defines Vermont and the side effects of this project would decimate this town with no benefits to the residents or the state. I totally am against it. Filed
    02/03/2023 Laura, Blackburn [PUBCOMRO]
As residents of Holy Smoke Road, we strongly oppose the solar farm. In addition to all of the commentary by others who have objections to this solar farm because of the adverse environmental impact, my primary concern is the safety of all the residents in the area. These include groundwater contamination by heavy metals, electromagnetic emissions from the panels adverse to health, danger from fire for which the town lacks sufficient resource to control, interference with rainfall and drainage. Filed
    02/03/2023 Maxsimic, Maria Louise [PUBCOMRO]
While I am often an advocate for renewable energy, I am strongly opposed to the installation of this solar project in Shaftsbury. Installation of this solar farm would misappropriate thirty acres of valuable agricultural land that serves this small town with a critical source of food and income. In addition, installation of this solar farm would degrade Shaftsbury's invaluable scenery, imposing another risk to a prime source of income in small town Vermont: tourism. Filed
    02/03/2023 Grandy, Josh [PUBCOMRO]
This proposed area is noted for it's high winds. Our Vermont winters are sometimes brutal with massive amounts of snow, wind, hail, and rain. Has a third party done the watershed been done by an impartial third party and how and if it will affect our wells, springs, creeks, environments, fish and quality of our water? If not, then why not? In the design, much of these panels are positioned in a north facing slope. Should it not be south facing? How do they work when covered with snow? Filed
    02/03/2023 Grandy, Josh [PUBCOM]
This proposed area is noted for it's high winds. Our Vermont winters are sometimes brutal with massive amounts of snow, wind, hail, and rain. Has a third party done the watershed been done by an impartial third party and how and if it will affect our wells, springs, creeks, environments, fish and quality of our water? If not, then why not? In the design, much of these panels are positioned in a north facing slope. Should it not be south facing? How do they work when covered with snow? Filed
    02/03/2023 Grandy, Jenny [PUBCOM]
I grew up in here and now my 5 children have the priviledge of doing the same. Paran Creek runs right thru our property on Trumbull Hill Road. My children swim, fish, play in this treasured creek. Not only will the beauty of this area be destroyed, but I am also concerned about the toxic effects to the environment. If hit by hail or otherwise damaged, what toxic debris will enter the groundwater? After clearing all of the land what will be done with the excess runoff? Will it run into our creek? Filed
    02/03/2023 Jones, Marcus [PUBCOMRO]
See questions attached Filed
    02/03/2023 Smith, William [PUBCOM]
My name is William Smith. I have concerns about the solar farm project. I currently employed as a Senior Systems Engineer with my background in electrical. Please note my concerns below: 1. Do the panels produce EMF radiation? People living around the panels will be affected by this EMF radiation. EMF radiation could be life threatening. Property values will decrease due to the EMF radiation produced. 2. Do the panels produce noise? 3. additional items attached in PDF Filed
    02/03/2023 MacArthur, Andrew [PUBCOM]
Trout Unlimited Southwestern Vermont - Letter of Concern See Attached Letter Filed
    02/03/2023 MacArthur, Andrew [PUBCOM]
Trout Unlimited Southwestern Vermont - Letter of Concern Filed
    02/03/2023 Twardy, Eleanor [PUBCOM]
Just found out that these plans for a 20MW solar farm have been in the works for nearly 6 years since 2017. Why are we as residents of Shaftsbury only finding out about it now? Don't you think something as important as this should be bought to the residents attention? We need to know what is going on in our town and should not have to search in the "archives" to find out this information. Check out the Brattleboro Reformer Sept. 7, 2017 "20 megawatts: Solar developer targets southern Vermont" Filed
    02/03/2023 Twardy, Michael R [PUBCOM]
Other "clean energy" to combat "global warming" thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Check out "JP Morgan just bought a massive forest to make money-and not just from timber" - "Between 2001 and 2019 the world's forest absorbed twice the amt. of carbon they released during the same time, according to a 2021 study, acting as a "carbon sink" that captured a net 7.6 billion metric tons of CO2 a year, or one and a half times more carbon than the entire US emits annually. Love Vermont Trees! Filed
    02/03/2023 Wheeler, Bleecker [PUBCOM]
1/5/23 Reed Willis was quoted in the Bennington Banner expressing the developers' intentions to work "with this community ... in order to ensure the project (they) are proposing makes sense and is done the right way." If truthful, will they actually do right by the locals most affected by this project and consider reducing it to a more appropriate size or even better- relocating to a property that we deem more suitable? There has to be a better way than ruining our treasured ag and natural lands Filed
    02/03/2023 Twardy, Michael R [PUBCOM]
Other "clean energy" to combat "global warming" to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Check out "JP Morgan just bought a massive forest to make money-and not just from timber" - "Between 2001 and 2019 the world's forest absorbed twice the amt. of carbon they released during the same time, according to a 2021 study, acting as a "carbon sink" that captured a net 7.6 billion metric tons of CO2 a year, or one and a half times more carbon than the entire US emits annually". Don't cut 30 acres of trees! Filed
    02/03/2023 Wheeler, Jenn [PUBCOM]
Our community is in favor of solar and other renewable energy but just because this project falls under that category does not qualify it as innately without flaw. It is completely nonsensical to commit prime agricultural land to a proposed industrial project of this scale and sell the energy out of state. An opportunistic commodity firm targeted our town because the new energy section has yet to be adopted into our town plan. As a town we are actively working on rectifying this in our bylaws. Filed
The 45-day notice states: "Shaftsbury Solar engaged in outreach efforts with the Town of Shaftsbury and BCRC during the summer and fall 2022." Please publish the minutes with named attendees of all meetings that were held. Filed
    02/03/2023 Mellinger, David [PUBCOM]
There’s no doubt the movement towards renewable energy is critical. With that goal in mind, all proposed solar projects deserve consideration, including the one in Shaftsbury. This project, however, would compromise the agricultural land, clean water, and natural beauty of the area – essentially changing the rural character that Shaftsbury citizens hold dear to industrial. That cost is simply too high. Filed
    02/03/2023 Mellinger, David [PUBCOM]
There’s no doubt the movement towards renewable energy is critical. With that goal in mind, all proposed solar projects deserve consideration, including the one in Shaftsbury. This project, however, would compromise the agricultural land, clean water, and natural beauty of the area – essentially changing the rural character that Shaftbury citizens hold dear to industrial. That cost is simply too high. Filed
    02/03/2023 Wheeler, Langdon [PUBCOM]
The proposed solar farm to be built in the area near Holy Smoke and Buck Hill Roads is a dreadful trade for the environment and for our Vermont quality of life. We urge those in authority to not allow this project to proceed. We form this opinion while being big fans of solar energy. We have a 54 panel solar collector on the roof of our barn at 5673 East Road and we like how it looks and how it reduces our electric bills. ... Please see attachment for additional comments. Filed
    02/03/2023 Mellinger, David [PUBCOM]
See attached file Filed
    02/03/2023 Russ, Christine [PUBCOM]
See attached file Filed
    02/02/2023 Twardy, Eleanor [PUBCOM]
Please read the attached comments and important questions to be answered by Freepoint Commodities. I do not believe this is an appropriate use of this agricultural and forest land giving the proximity to surrounding houses and the rural atmosphere of the area. I also do not believe that the State of Vermont, Town of Shaftsbury, nor the residents will benefit from this unsightly project. After investigating Freepoint Commodities and the many deterrents to this project, I am absolutely opposed. Filed
    02/02/2023 Elwell, Elizabeth Rhodes [PUBCOM]
See attached file Filed
    02/02/2023 Mellinger, Karen [PUBCOM]
We have lived rurally in Shaftsbury, off East Road, for 40 years. We are strongly supportive of alternative sources of energy. However, this project is far beyond the scope of anything that we can support. For many reasons, we are opposed to this project. Destroying prime agricultural land, potentially harming a vital water source for many, clearcutting forestland and completely changing the character of a community is beyond anything that should be promoted or approved by our State PUC. Filed
    02/02/2023 Hall, Ryan [PUBCOMRO]
I oppose the construction of a “Solar Farm” on Holy Smoke Road, Agricultural and forest lands in Shaftsbury, Vermont.This is my view from my back deck . The first thing I do every morning is look out at the green mountains with cows and sheep in the background and realize how precious our land is . This project will take this feeling I get everyday away. I think agriculture land is far more important than a solar field for another state. There is enough roof space, landfills in your own state ! Filed
    02/02/2023 DeVito, Patricia Joan [PUBCOM]
I am a Shaftsbury resident opposed to the Solar Project in question. I work at the State Welcome Center in Bennington and I can tell you that visitors to our state value the serene beauty of it's green mountains. Tourism is the second leading industry in our state. They are not here to view solar panels I understand that the life span of a solar panel is 35 years. They contain some toxic materials and are hard to dispose of. Please keep your solar farm in CT where you live. Not in ours Filed
    02/02/2023 Carra, Lorrie [PUBCOM]
I am very opposed to a massive solar field that will destroy our farm land, landscape our heritage . Are we seriously going to sell our Green Mountains to a solar field. This will not benefit our town our state and those with homes in the area. Filed
    02/02/2023 James, Poole [PUBCOMRO]
We strongly oppose this project. The panels will be starting 250 feet from our house. There are many issues including an industrial park in full view of the road and our houses. Environmental issues such as clear cutting trees and disruption ground vegetation. Water run off is a huge issue that has only been studied on the property. This project is up hill from the road, our property and Paran creek which empties into North Bennington lakes and rivers. Shaftsbury shouldnt be industrialized Filed
    02/02/2023 Buttle, Jenifer [PUBCOM]
Although I support renewable energy so much that I have solar panels on my roof (on Fox Hill Road, located within a mile of the proposed location), I do NOT support an industrial installation that would require road changes, permanently alter natural local landscape (views), & consume farm land at the expense with benefit to locals. This area is not sunny! The Tesla solar panels installed on my home years have UNDER produced annually from the estimated energy that was quoted when installed. Filed
    02/02/2023 Harrington, Ken [PUBCOMRO]
I am opposed to the solar plan for Shaftsbury's Holy Smoke Rd for the following reasons: 1. Solar panels are toxic if caught on fire 2. The town plan zoning do not apply -- any other project of this size would have to be reviewed 3. Damage to town roads 4. Damage to wildlife and environment 5. Damage to views 6. Degrade property values 7. Possible radiation from system Kenneth Harrington, former 9 year member of Shaftsbury Select Board and candidate for board member this year Filed
    02/02/2023 Rotondo, Ally [PUBCOMRO]
It is absolutely disrespectful to push through such a large destruction of our forests and landscape with zero benefit to the town. The corruption this reveals sends major warning signals that our town is in danger from self serving local opportunists. We must find those responsible and remove them from any town office they hold. Filed
    02/02/2023 Shanny, Sean [PUBCOM]
Our home on Trumbull Hill faces the proposed solar site which would destroy our view. As a farmer, the loss of agricultural land and forest to inefficient solar is irresponsible. I am firmly opposed to this project which offers no benefits to our community and would only create an eyesore. An extensive list of downsides has been covered by other commenters. I am flummoxed that Vermont would entertain desecration of its land by outsiders with no upside to our community. Filed
    02/02/2023 Elwell, Elizabeth Rhodes [PUBCOM]
O Filed
    02/02/2023 Vargo, Brian [PUBCOM]
Having grown up in Shaftsbury and hunted on the exact property in question, I can confidently say that the loss of habitat if the proposed solar farm is erected will have a large scale direct negative impact on the wildlife. Beyond the loss of habitat for wildlife, we will also be losing prime farm land that could be utilized by our ever shrinking list of farmers. In conclusion, I wonder what happened to Leopold's Land Ethic and if the developers have ever heard of conservation. Filed
    02/02/2023 Morin, Gail Elizabeth [PUBCOMRO]
What is happening to small towns in Vermont? The last thing Shaftsbury needs is for a large cooperation to come in and destroy our farm land and wildlife . Look how far Vermont has come with organic farming and now specializing in Cheese making ! Leave us alone , go back to your big cities , as this project doesn’t benefit any of us . This is shameful on the seller of this property. Filed
    02/02/2023 Scott, Barry [PUBCOMRO]
I’m a shaftsbury resident and I”m against the building of this monstrosity of a solar array. There doesn’t appear to be any benefit for the residents or town. The impact this will have on property, wildlife, and forest outweigh any benefits. Why not build it in Connecticut? Filed
    02/02/2023 Twardy, Michael Richard [PUBCOM]
This solar project will destroy 85 acres of prime agricultural land, 30 acres of forest, potentially affect our water ways, springs, wells, health, animal habitats, environment, our beautiful countryside, some their way of life, others their businesses, and we in Shaftsbury gets "Very little" from this (as their representative said in a previous meeting) as they make their profits selling this energy out of state. Does not make any sense and I am vehemently opposed to this massive project. Filed
    02/02/2023 Village of North Bennington Water Commissioners [PUBCOM]
      Morrissey, Jason P. [PUBCOMREP]
See attached comments from Chairman David Shaughnessy, North Bennington Water Commissioners in regards to concerns the North Bennington Water Commissioners request be addressed in the evaluation of this project. Filed
    02/01/2023 Sumner, Penny S. [PUBCOMRO]
This is a rural road, not for high traffic. Why should we let this company come here and ruin our land? This is clean energy, but not to benefit Shaftsbury. Our eyesore for benefiting Connecticut. We don't need this in our beautiful country setting. Filed
    02/01/2023 Munankarmi, Amy [PUBCOM]
I am writing to express my concerns about the proposed Shaftsbury Solar project and the impact it will have on the local farmland, wildlife, and the community at large. The destruction of fertile farmland is not only a loss of a valuable resource, but it also contributes to the degradation of our environment and the depletion of wildlife habitats. Additionally, it is concerning that your company has not made any effort to engage with stakeholders in the community. Please reconsider your plans. Filed
    02/01/2023 Munankarmi, Shailesh [PUBCOM]
I am writing to express my strong opposition to the Shaftsbury Solar project. As someone who cares deeply about the environment and preserving our natural resources, I am deeply troubled by the though of losing more land to development. I urge you to reconsider your plans and instead look for alternative development sites that do not involve the destruction of natural land. There are plenty of previously developed or degraded lands that can be used for this project. Filed
    02/01/2023 Beal, Susan [PUBCOM]
I'm an ardent advocate of solar energy. My family was slated to host a 150kw community solar array our farm: small, discreetly sited, and all power to go to local customers. COVID scuttled the process so it wasn't built. But it was an example of appropriate solar for this area. The Shaftsbury proposal is just the opposite--vastly out of scale and designed to maximize corporate profit with no benefit to and little regard for its impact on the local environment or economy. Filed
    02/01/2023 Blackburn, Andrew [PUBCOMRO]
I am concerned about the development of the solar farm for many reasons. This massive development is a threat to the ecological diversity of the land and will desecrate fertile soil. It is a problem that the construction labor is being outsourced and the energy will not benefit Vermont. Just because the project involves solar energy does NOT mean that it is beneficial to the environment and should be promoted. While solar energy is valuable in certain contexts, this is not one of them. Filed
    02/01/2023 Jones, Marcus [PUBCOMRO]
Are developers agreeable to funding a study of EMF radiation performed by an independent third party, agreed upon by all interested parties? • This study would include permanently installing gauss meters that detect both static (DC) permanent magnet and dynamic (AC) electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Please see attached for additional details. • If not, please provide reasoning for not supporting the study. Filed
    02/01/2023 Wicks, Jason [PUBCOM]
The solar project adds no benefits for the town of Shaftsbury or its resident’s. It will just be an eye sore and when the panels are out dated who will dispose of them ? Are they toxic waste ? We wouldn’t even be having this conversation if the federal government hadn’t pumped so much money into green energy. If they were cost efficient everyone would have them on their roof. It’s just feel good energy. Filed
    02/01/2023 Knafel, Andrew [PUBCOM]
I am opposed to the solar array on Holy Smoke Rd. for many of the reasons listed in other comments. Perhaps an alternative location worth looking at for a large array in Shaftsbury would be the site of the abandoned gravel pits off airport rd. 20 years ago there was a push to create a huge landfill in one of those pits. It never went through. A solar array might be just the thing. In Jamaica VT, a solar array was just approved in an old gravel pit. Filed
    02/01/2023 Nash, Bruce David [PUBCOM]
I am opposed to the concept of commercial solar installations which substantially alter the character of our Vermont rural lands or its agricultural capacity. In this case as I understand it , the resultant power generated would not even be for the benefit of Vermont residents. Filed
    01/31/2023 peacock, david w [PUBCOM]
I do not support a large scale commercial solar electric generating facility proposed to be constructed on prime agricultural land off of Holy Smoke road. Holy Smoke road is a low traffic road barely passable during mud season not suitable for heavy truck traffic . 30 acres of clear cutting and the resulting run-off will add to the problem. Others have already mentioned multiple other issues with this project that I agree with . Filed
    01/31/2023 MacDougall, Lisa [PUBCOMRO]
I directly abut the Kennedy Property. I have an organic vegetable farm. I would hate to see prime agricultural soils turned into a solar field. I am not against solar. I am against the massive scale of this project. This land has historic and agricultural significance for this corner of Vermont. This is not what this land is meant for. Filed
    01/31/2023 Browning, Megan [PUBCOM]
This project is slated to occur on 85 acres of primary ag land and 30 acres of forest. While I strongly support regenerative energy sources such as solar, I also strongly believe that agricultural and forested land need to be protected for their primary use - growing food and forests. There must be a way to relocate this project onto land which is not already best suited for another critical purpose - growing food. Please do not locate this project on this prime agricultural land. Thank you. Filed
    01/31/2023 Wright, Lisa [PUBCOM]
I oppose this project because the scale is completely out of proportion in the Vermont landscape. Further, solar is of such low efficiency in Vt that this is a waste of prime ag soils - soils that we may well need in future. Finally, I am opposed to large scale solar in Vermont due to the unfair tax status of solar where solar plants do not pay into the Education Fund like all other taxpayers are required to do. This is due to the absurd, and completely unmonitored UCT, which is not paid! Filed
    01/31/2023 Marino, Barbara [PUBCOM]
I’m opposed to the construction & installation of a solar array of this epic industrial magnitude in the town of Shaftsbury Vermont. It does not reflect our fine community in any way. None of our neighboring VT towns for miles around has such an industrial sized solar structure supporting an entirely different state. The detrimental ecological impact will be devastating to flora and fauna and an eye sore to anyone who passes by. Property values will precipitously plummet- certainly not green! Filed
    01/31/2023 Pullman, James Stewart [PUBCOM]
I’m Jim Pullman. I’m 74 and I have been farming on the hill adjacent to the proposed project all my life. My grandparents started farming here in 1936. I whole-heartedly oppose this proposal. It does not belong in Vermont. I have the listed my questions in the attached file. Filed
    01/31/2023 McDougall, Jesse Stewart [PUBCOM]
I strongly oppose this proposed industrial solar facility for reasons I've listed in the attached file. But chief among them are: this is a ridiculous and dangerous spot for solar panels. These are wet hillsides of prime agricultural land and dense forest between two mountain peaks in snowy VT where winds frequently exceed 100mph, hundreds of miles from the energy's final point of use, and much of it is planned for a significant north-facing slope. I find this proposal is curious & disingenuous. Filed
    01/31/2023 Derosia, Debra [PUBCOMRO]
I am opposed to the massive solar field in Shaftsbury and believe using prime agricultural and forested land for solar is counterproductive to the goal of a green and sustainable state. Filed
    01/31/2023 Ottomanelli, Suzanne [PUBCOMRO]
Vermont is known as the Green Mountain State. If we as a community continue to allow the destruction of prime agricultural land for the benefit of what is my question? So many forests and pristine areas are being taken for granted. Once destroyed by a huge field of solar panels doing little to nothing as I understand it makes zero sense to us. We are vulnerable to other interests coming into our towns that will change our habitats and fertile ground FOREVER. I agree with all comments. Filed
    01/31/2023 Sarvis, MaryJane [PUBCOM]
While I totally support solar and attempted some years ago to have a small community solar farm put on our family open field acreage I cannot support this large potential eyesore which would ruin our beautiful neighborhood rather than help local residents. It would be a catastrophe. Filed
    01/31/2023 Jeffrey, Slade [PUBCOM]
Please see attached PDF document file Filed
    01/31/2023 Gardner, Michael [PUBCOM]
As a resident living just down the road I find this massive scale project completely unfit for our neighborhood. The site is wholly unsuitable for this size project, especially with so many other brownfield or industrial options available. This developer is simply trying to fleece our town, destroy prime agricultural lands, and create irrevocable scars to our hillsides. Even the idea that a developer could develop their own exit on Route 7, through class II wetlands is appalling. Not a good fit! Filed
    01/30/2023 Stratton, Seth L [PUBCOMRO]
To shaftsbury solar. Shaftsbury as a community does not feel sacrificing farmland for corporate gains and will not support something so heavy with taxpayers dollars anyways. Shaftsbury has a charm most towns don’t, and this project would change the towns identity all together, and forever. I’ve lived on holy smoke road for close to 42 years and have seen the local farms wither and dwindle in numbers. It really is a practice we need, and we need to save. The low efficiency of the Vermont solar? Filed
    01/30/2023 Mele, Anne Mary [PUBCOMRO]
I live on Holy Smoke Road where the solar project will be built. I have many concerns including the water runoff impacting a road which already gets washed out frequently, the cutting of 30 acres of trees, the impact on the wildlife in this rural community and the obvious industrial look of this installation impacting our beautiful residential community. We have lived here 30 years and obviously moved here to enjoy the beauty of this community. I oppose this with every fiber of my being. Filed
    01/30/2023 D'Onofrio, Tony [PUBCOM]
First off I want to say I do not support this in our community. We are receiving no benefit from this whatsoever and it is destroying our landscape and negatively affecting our Fish & Wildlife. My questions are simple. Where is the Study, of the proposed land, by the Vermont Environmental Agency and the Vermont Wetlands commission? Why is there no sale of power to us in Shaftsbury? Why not build this in your state? There is plenty of farmland & Woodlots in NW & NE corners of your own state. Filed
The primary water supply for North Bennington runs across fields and woods that the developer plans to blanket with solar cells. The existing conduit is a cast iron pipe installed in 1921 (over 100 years ago) and is due for replacement in the near future. The developer must allow access for maintenance and the eventual replacement of the pipe. Filed
    01/30/2023 Michael, Algus [PUBCOMRO]
Hello, I live on Holy Smoke Road. This industrial sized Solar project is out of proportion to the Town of Shaftsbury and the small community on Holy Smoke Road. There will be a huge impact on multiple factors. Holy Smoke Road itself is a small dirt road which is difficult to maintain. I am worried about water drainage problems. Also, it does not accommodate large, heavy trucks. I am also worried about the wildlife, water issues including Increased temperature and contamination, and my neighbors Filed
    01/30/2023 Knight, Jane [PUBCOM]
This project not only destroys prime agricultural land, it also clear cuts 30 acres and is a falsely "green solution"-- the money goes outside of the state, and Vermonters are closed from the benefits, while also losing land for our own usage. This is NOT a public benefit. Filed
    01/30/2023 Disorda, Nicholas [PUBCOM]
I am writing to express my concerns about the proposed solar project and its potential impacts on the land and surrounding areas, including land degradation and habitat loss due to clear-cutting, soil erosion and water pollution from runoff, impacts on wildlife, reduction in property values, interference with traditional land use activities, potential for electrical fires and safety hazards, increased demand for energy transmission infrastructure, and challenges in disposal of panels. Filed
    01/30/2023 John, Twardy M [PUBCOM]
I grew up in Shaftsbury, went to the elementary school and have a vested interest in 25 acres ~1 mile from this proposed solar farm which I do not support. Freepoint Commodities llc is being investigated by both the US and Brazil for paying 500,000 over 7 years for insider illegal information. This company doesn’t care about ethics or the environment they care about profits. They want to build a monstrosity that will hurt vermonters, our scenery, and pollute our land and water to make a buck. Filed
    01/30/2023 Arendt, Ann [PUBCOM]
See attached file Filed
See attached file Filed
see attached file Filed
    01/27/2023 Case, Joanne and Marshal T. [PUBCOM]
We oppose the construction of a “solar farm” on Holy Smoke Road, prime agricultural and forest lands in Shaftsbury, Vermont. The big picture is it will have a huge negative effect on wildlife, important wildlife habitat, and essential wildlife corridors. We do not oppose solar panels per say, built on existing structures (for example on shopping center rooftops) or along interstate highways. Thank you for your kind attention. Filed
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