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22-4100-TF WEC/rate increase tariff Closed Case Age: 363
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Date filed: 09/16/22
Washington Electric Cooperative Inc. [Petitioner]  
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    01/05/2023 Ray, Kelsey [PUBCOM]
WEC's 14% rate increase request (and rationale) provides substantial reason for concern surrounding the future of the company. Members have consistently been on the receiving end of poor storm responses / preparedness (restoration times stretching out a week), the highest electricity rates in the region, and dismissive / unhelpful customer service personnel. I am honestly concerned what the precedent will be for future rate increases if this one is approved. Filed
    11/10/2022 Maizell, Richard [PUBCOM]
WEC is proposing a 14.19 percent rate increase, This is almost twice the rate of inflation and will add a huge cost of living burden to its members. If rates have increased approximately 3 percent per annum in the last 10 years, why would this year warrant a 14 percent increase? New CEO = mismanagement? I urge the Utilities Commission to dive deeply into the financials and demand that WEC find ways to bring the proposed rate increase in line with previous years. Filed
    09/29/2022 Bushman, Stephen [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    09/29/2022 Hayward, Philip [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    09/27/2022 Hendrickson, Arthur [PUBCOM]
See attached comment moved from #22A-4229 Acknowledged
    05/23/2023 Bushman, Stephen [PUBCOM]
See attached email and comment on final order Filed
    04/13/2023 Bushman, Stephen [PUBCOM]
Why isn’t the applicable net metering tariff used to determine the impact from NM for the test and rate years? WEC’s current NM tariff has penalties for each NM kWh produced, a monthly NM account management fee, a one time NM account set up fee, a production meter set up cost and NM “excess generation rate” significantly lower than the rate shown in the NM spreadsheet, and loss of expired credits. Proper application of these should reduce the small portion of the rate increase due to NM. Acknowledged
    03/24/2023 Kellett, Dawn [PUBCOM]
I compared rated to a Northfield Billed Customer and my WEC bill. Here is the data - I just did a live comparison from a Northfield Power bill to my WEC bill. Northfield Customer bill dated: 3/20/23 - 534KWH and paid $83.16 My WEC bill dated 3/22/23 used 506KWH and paid $143.48 Northfield's Rate .15573033708652 per kWh their customer fees are only $5.80 of the $83.16 WEC Rate: .28355731252964 My bill has: Customer fee $26.49 Power Usage fees of $99.84 and a surcharge of $17.15 for the 14.7% hike Filed
    02/27/2023 Miller, Jessica [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    12/19/2022 Rogacki, Lawrence [PUBCOM]
The reason WEC is asking for a rate adjustment is a decrease in landfill gas resulting in the need to purchase expensive electricity. Landfill expansion was planned well in advance giving WEC an opportunity to proactively contract for lower-cost electricity. In addition, the reduction in gas supply is temporary and the supply will be even greater after the landfill is expanded. Therefore, the reason for the rate increase is not permanent and rates should be reduced to a more appropriate level. Filed
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    06/26/2023 Bushman, Stephen [PUBCOM]
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