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21-1107-PET GLOBALFOUNDRIES U.S. 2 LLC / request to operate a Self-Managed Utility Open Case Age: 683
Regulatory / Petition: Open
                                                     Required Compliance Filings: Pending Required Compliance Filings
Date filed: 03/17/21
1 Issue(s):§ 102 or 231 CPG - New    

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    08/04/2022 Hristova, Lina [PUBCOM]
If allowed to go forward, this plan could deal a mortal blow to Vermont's future as a clean energy state. Not only will it allow GF to purchase energy from a dirty producer anywhere, it also will follow the property if and when GF sells the plant to another owner. Some huge energy consumer (such as a bitcoin miner) could purchase this large plant and bring in the dirtiest, cheapest electricity from anywhere, thereby ruining Vermont's status for clean energy. Filed
    08/03/2022 Wetmore, Jenevra [PUBCOM]
I strongly oppose GlobalFoundries' petition to become a "self-managed utility." This concept does not exist in our laws and the PUC has not been given authority by the legislature to create such a category. Creating a self-managed entity would allow GlobalFoundries to circumvent Vermont's Global Warming Solutions Act and Renewable Energy Standards. As history has shown us, trusting a business to regulate itself is not a good idea, no matter how exemplary they are. Filed
    08/03/2022 McLaughlin, Andrew [PUBCOM]
I oppose Global Foundries petition to become a self-managed utility. To allow this would make a mockery of Vermont's aim to reduce carbon emissions to mitigate the ill effects of climate change. Acknowledged
    02/22/2022 Stanley, Kurt [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    12/29/2021 Poltenson, Charles [PUBCOM]
I strongly oppose the proposal by GlobalFoundries to be exempt from renewable energy and climate laws. This is a large, profitable multinational company seeking to be a "self-managed utility", something that does not exist in state law. In addition they seek to have the exemption stay with the property, providing a greater incentive to sell the facility and move out of state thereby giving Vermonters working to improve our climate situation another slap in the face. Do not approve this. Filed
    12/10/2021 Colburn, Selene [PUBCOM]
see attached letter from multiple Legislators Acknowledged
    12/08/2021 Bray, Christopher A [PUBCOM]
Please find attached a public comment on Case No. 21-1107-PET. Thank you. --Chris Bray Acknowledged
    11/17/2021 Carrigan, Chris [PUBCOM]
The Vermont Chamber of Commerce, the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation (GBIC) submit this letter in support of GlobalFoundries to operate as a self-managed utility. Please see attached letter of support. Acknowledged
    11/15/2021 Elias, Gretchen [PUBCOM]
See attached file. Acknowledged
    11/08/2021 Vermont Public Interest Research Group [PUBCOM]
      Walsh, Ben [PUBCOMREP]
see attached file Acknowledged
    11/05/2021 Pollina, Anthony [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    11/01/2021 Fenton, Charles [PUBCOM]
I oppose this petition for Global Foundries to become a self managed utility. It is a gross abuse of Vermont's efforts to reduce our climate impacts. Many if not most Vermonters are making sacrifices to change their individual impacts. I myself am now riding an ebike for most local travel, have installed heat pump heating and made many other personal changes. To see that all my efforts would be counteracted by the plans of one company is dismaying at best. Please do not approve this petition. Acknowledged
    10/29/2021 Yantachka, Michael [PUBCOM]
Please see attached file. Acknowledged
    10/29/2021 McCown, John [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
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