Vermont Public Utility Commission

21-0041-PET Charter Fiberlink VT-CCO, LLC/request for ETC Designation Open Case Age: 1144
Regulatory / Petition: Closed
                                                     Required Compliance Filings: Pending Required Compliance Filings
Date filed: 01/6/21
Hearing Officer  
Charter Fiberlink-VT, CCO, LLC [Petitioner]  
1 Issue(s):Eligible telecommunications carrier determination    


Petition of Charter Fiberlink VT-CCO, LLC for designation as an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier to receive Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Auction (Auction 904) support for voice and broadband services

Date Date Appeal Sent Date of Supreme Court decision Supreme Court decision Status
  Required Compliance Filings
    08/23/2021 Pending Required Compliance Filings
Date Filed Financing Request Filing Type Filing Description Related CPG No. Other Related Case No.
Eligible telecommunications carrier determination
Name(s) Address Telephone Email
  Charter Fiberlink-VT, CCO, LLC [PET] Mailing
12405 Powerscourt Drive
St. Louis, MO 63131
(314) 543-2437
    Nancy Malmquist, Esq., Downs Rachlin & Martin PLLC [REP] Mailing
Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC, 67 Etna Road, Suite 300
Lebanon, NH 03766-1461
(603) 448-2211 Work:
(802) 473-4249 Work:
(802) 473-4249
Primary Email:
Work Email:
Work Email:
Filed - Name of Documents/Associated Documents Description Filed By Motion Status Status Seal Type View Document
    03/3/21 Motion - Change Schedule Charter Fiberlink-VT, CCO, LLC [PET]
Resolved Filed Public
    01/19/21 Motion - Change Schedule Vermont Department of Public Service [P]
Resolved Filed Public
    01/6/21 Motion - Other Not a motion-see Petition under "All Other Documents" Charter Fiberlink-VT, CCO, LLC [PET]
Not a Motion Filed Public
  Required Compliance Filings
    06/21/22 Motion - Withdraw as Representative Vermont Department of Public Service [P]
Resolved Filed Public
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