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19-4845-PET Southern VT Cable/Comcast Joint Petition re Sale of Assets of SVCC to Comcast Closed Case Age: 232
Regulatory / Petition: Closed Date filed: 12/11/19
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Comcast of Connecticut/Georgia/Massachusetts/New Hampshire/New York/North Carolina/Virginia/Vermont, LLC [Petitioner]  
Cable Television
1 Issue(s):Cable TV abandonment of service § 505   Conf Doc  
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    02/10/2020 Go, Irish [PUBCOM]
I'm against a Comcast takeover. They raise prices every January or more often. They're always increasing the many below the line fees even if you are locked into a 2yr contract. To talk to a real person you have to go through a maze of menus and then it's not US based. Every few years they upgrade the internet speed for "free". HD TV costs extra. DVR costs extra. Additional TVs cost extra, currently about $8 each. If you're service requires a truck roll the threaten to charge you for it. RunAway Filed
    02/10/2020 Edward, Collins [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    02/07/2020 Goepp, Christine [PUBCOM]
This is not a simple case of one company deciding to sell to another. This concerns a state-sanctioned monopoly on cable service, which should be subject to the highest standards of technical and customer service performance. It is clear to anyone that has ever been a Comcast customer that it does not meet these standards. The merger should be denied. If not, then conditions imposed that will allow customers in southern Vermont to enforce expectations regarding performance and responsiveness. Filed
    02/06/2020 Salinger, Peter & Nanci [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    02/05/2020 Cooney, Bryce [PUBCOM]
Not only will this consolidate more power among the increasingly-few monopolists in the telecom industry, but Comcast is famously awful, and this sale will no doubt bring us worse service at higher prices. Therefore, I object. Filed
    02/04/2020 Grumbine, Richard [PUBCOM]
see attached file Acknowledged
    01/30/2020 Campbell, Carolyn [PUBCOM]
SVCC provides exemplary service! They make quick repairs and deliver a great product for an affordable price. They truly care for an appreciate their customers. I've had Comcast in the past and it is not affordable, their call center is not local, they are not friendly and their company focus is making money. It's a monopoly. Comcast is not for Vermont. If Comcast takes over SVCC we can all say goodbye to the personal, hardworking people, company and service we've all become accustomed to! Acknowledged
    01/29/2020 Marchant, Charles E. [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    01/28/2020 Greene, Bradford [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    01/28/2020 Williams, Eesha [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    01/24/2020 Hamill, John Jr. [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    01/23/2020 Mayor, Archer [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    01/22/2020 Daigler, Susan W. [PUBCOM]
This will not be an improvement. SVCC provides good service and is responsive when there is an issue. This is likely to result in diminished quality of our internet and email service. You took away our cell phone service by going from analog to digital. Don't mess with our internet. I understand the owner's desire to retire, but please find another small company to merge with. Acknowledged
    01/15/2020 West, Steven [PUBCOM]
I have only praise for the good folks at SVCable, and nothing but contempt for Comcast. As a computer repair professional for 20 years, I've had many dealings with Comcast/Xfinity, nearly all of it bad. I'd rather have no internet service than give one penny to Comcast. Many of us in rural VT have few options. I view them as one of the most toxic companies in the U.S., & I've successfully avoided being a customer. I echo Rep. Mrowicki's admonition to hold them to the highest possible standards. Filed
    01/08/2020 Lafayette, Mary [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    01/08/2020 Pluhar, Annamarie [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    01/08/2020 Ramsey, Martha [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    01/08/2020 Wilner, Michael [PUBCOM]
Comcast's well-known poor customer service is not welcome in our area. Comcast has not demonstrated that are able to deal with the many weather-related outages common here. It is clear that a company the size of Comcast will not be responsive to our service needs here Putney. A short search on the Internet shows how poor Comcast's business practices & customer service are. Also, what will happen to our cost of service? Comcast and Infinity are FAMOUS for jacking up prices! Acknowledged
    01/08/2020 Mrowicki, Michael [PUBCOM]
First, thanks to Ernie at SVC for years of good service. Concerns about service compels me to ask if PUC can require a high standard of service to continue. Realizing the reality that Ernie is getting out of the business, & there aren’t other options, I ask the PUC to consider requiring service benchmarks within the ruling to approve the sale. Another consideration is expansion to all those consumers who would love to have any cable option. Please require expansion to those who want it. Acknowledged
    01/07/2020 Schroeder, Ann [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    01/07/2020 Jim, Cricket [PUBCOM]
Since Ernie, who I consider to be a good man, is part of this petition, it strikes me as almost a moot point to petition the board to "save SVC". Nevertheless, to hear Mr. Scialabba complain about capital investments a mere week or two after he and his crew were out here making a capital investment strikes me as disingenuous. If, after all these years, he wants to take the money and run, I would prefer he just say so rather than couch it in some sort of gibberish like he can't keep up with tech. Filed
    01/07/2020 Marcel, Joyce [PUBCOM]
As a long-time Southern Vermont Cable customer, I love the quality of the service I receive. I can stream anything I like, the internet speed is excellent and the price is affordable. I am shocked at the possibility that the company could sell itself to Comcast, famous throughout the United States for its high prices and lousy service. Comcast is a mega-company with no regard for customer service. Fighting with them can become a full-time business. Please don't allow this sale. Acknowledged
    01/06/2020 Kathleen, Fleischmann [PUBCOM]
Please don't allow this to happen. One of the reasons we chose to move to Vermont was that it wasn't owned by the multinationals. Southern Vermont Cable is a great company, and our service would certainly be degraded by having to deal with Comcast. You must be aware that they are one of the most hated corporations in the country. Their lack of customer service is legendary. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS TO US. Filed
    01/06/2020 Coughlin-Galbraith, Eli K [PUBCOM]
We're all being strangled by massive multinational corporations piece by piece. Fight it. Fight it any way you can. Don't let this one go. Acknowledged
    01/06/2020 Green, Michelle [PUBCOM]
We would be very upset if SVC merged or was bought by Comcast. The small business structure is why we moved to Vermont and support such businesses. Our experience with Comcast has been negative and we would promptly seek alternative service if they assumed service for SVC. Since relocating to Vermont it seems more and more attributes that brought us here - like community oriented businesses are disappearing. We feel deceived and unsure of our future as more and more becomes mainstream. Acknowledged
    01/06/2020 Barone, Matthew [PUBCOM]
It comes as a big surprise, and major disappointment that we could lose high quality of customer care provided by SVCC. Cable companies are notoriously poor at customer service. And while their market share continues to decrease their prices go up in the name of technological changes and investments. I prefer to keep my cable and phone company with a smaller entity that serves my interests more clearly than that of a major corporation who serves shareholder profits. Please consider denying this. Acknowledged
    01/06/2020 Serpa, David [PUBCOM]
SV Cable is top notch. Comcast service and support is sub par with unrealistic prices for business and we are concerned this will have a cascading negative impact on small businesses throughout the valley that depend on SV Cable for TV, internet, and phone to run their businesses. There are no other affordable and reliable options in the area. Comcast broadcasts channels encrypted requiring a box for every TV which will add substantial equipment fees and electrical costs. Save SVC Co please! Acknowledged
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