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18-3231-PET DPS Petition re Consolidated SQ Investigation Closed Case Age: 988
Regulatory / Petition: Closed
                                                     Required Compliance Filings: Closed
Date filed: 09/19/18
Vermont Department of Public Service [Petitioner]  
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    09/30/2019 Laura, Sibilia [PUBCOM]
see attached file Acknowledged
    09/09/2019 gabrielsen, Barbara [PUBCOM]
Ongoing sub par landline service for years. A Box put at end of our road remedy this, I'm told, but CCI has not done so. Our landline was repaired again for loud hum this week, pinging/broken speech remains. Our fire alarm is connected to landline, and can't contact fire dept if the line isn't consistent in an emergency. This is concerning! spotty phone service puts our home in danger. Local workers try but CCI needs to alot $ to remedy. I pay the same amount as people with reliable service Acknowledged
    07/29/2019 Gerbasi, Cody [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    06/10/2019 Halvey, Priscilla Anne [PUBCOM]
I have no landline service. I have been trying to contact their customer service tonight (6/7/19) only to receive a recmessage saying they are aware of a problem in our area. No estimate as to a restoration time. For the past 6 weeks my phone and internet have been spotty at best. Four weeks ago my phone started hanging up and recalling 10 or more times during a 15 minute conversation. Then internet and phone stopped completely. Service man came Wednesday and fixed it. I have WiFi no phone Acknowledged
    03/12/2019 Buxton, Cat [PUBCOM]
I work from home. I didn't think anyone could be worse than Fairpoint but Consolidated is terrible! We have ongoing issues static in the phone line, sometimes echoes in the line that make it impossible to carry on a conversation. The internet goes out constantly. All this for $110/month and the bill rises every single month! I have a notebook registry of my years of complaints. Last week we lost internet and I called the service phone line 5 times only to be hung up o by the computer - 5 times! Acknowledged
    02/27/2019 DeRienzo, James Dean [PUBCOM]
Our landline was cut off Saturday and not restored until the following Thursday. I was told electronically that service was restored on Monday, but that was not the case. I was also told that despite the fact that I was at my residence all day Monday, Consolidated could not access the residence. Only after contacting the state did Consolidated resolve the issue. The technician stopped by to tell me the trouble was with the main box down the road. Consildated issued me a credit of $20.00. Ha Ha Acknowledged
    02/25/2019 Krochak, Carol [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    02/20/2019 Horn, Karen [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    02/11/2019 SIBILIA, LAURA [PUBCOM]
see attached file Acknowledged
    02/11/2019 Sibilia, Laura [PUBCOM]
see attached file Acknowledged
    02/04/2019 Fowler, Sarah [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    01/14/2019 Farnham, Terrie [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    01/14/2019 Scott, Ian [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    01/08/2019 Breiland, Erik [PUBCOM]
see attached document Acknowledged
    12/26/2018 Fierro, David Jr. [PUBCOM]
Re: Consolidated Communications. During the summer of 2018 I requested an upgrade to my internet service from 7 Megabytes per second to 40 MPS. Since the upgrade, which included new wiring from the pole on Main Road to my house and new wiring inside my house as well as a new modem, there has been a great deal of static type noise on my phone which in turn drops the internet; it happens most days of the week. I have had at least 5 technicians at my house to no avail. Acknowledged
    12/07/2018 Schultz, Paula [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    12/03/2018 Bettis, Sandy [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    12/03/2018 Hough, Peg Elmer [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    11/30/2018 Deptula, Edward Adam [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    11/30/2018 Doane, Wendy [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    11/29/2018 Tanis, Cole [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    11/28/2018 Foran, Chris [PUBCOM]
My wife and I both work from home and rely heavily on the internet for our living. Several times per week, we have either no coverage or extremely low bandwidth. Calls to Consolidated support are always "reboot your router" which we now do before calling. During the last service call on site (which took weeks to schedule) the service technician had to travel from Northern NH over to Stowe VT. He stated that there are very few field services people left in the company . Acknowledged
    11/27/2018 Hango, Alex [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    11/26/2018 Krancer, Michael Louis [PUBCOM]
See Attached File Filed
    11/26/2018 Krancer, Michael Louis [PUBCOM]
See Attached File Acknowledged
    11/26/2018 Schauber, Marc [PUBCOM]
An order was put in over a month ago to have a cable run for new service. It has yet to be done and I have not been contacted with any scheduling information. I've spent a lot of money burying conduit so I can have a copper landline, a necessity for emergencies as far as I'm concerned. It's worrisome they have taken so long and I've yet to be given an install date. Acknowledged
    11/26/2018 Levering-Fisher, Kim [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    11/26/2018 Martin, Karina [PUBCOM]
We have been seeking service installation at our new construction home since the summer. Once we finally had an installation date for October after three attempts by phone, they postponed until "November" with no date given. As of today, November 26, we are still waiting. I work from home and require internet service. Our cell service is spotty and, with two young children at home, landline phone service would be very good to have. We hope Consolidated can attend to us very soon. Acknowledged
    11/23/2018 Drummond, Maya [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    11/20/2018 Horton, Ron [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    10/18/2018 Brickner, Benjamin [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    10/11/2018 Schreiber, Tatiana [PUBCOM]
I have been trying since 7/28/18 to get a problem resolved. The problem is that my non-electronic landline, which used to function during power outtages (unless there was a major tree down on the line), now goes out whenever the power goes off. (Meanwhile, close neighbors with landlines still) have service. I have no cell service here (Westminster West village) and am the sole responsible care-giver for an out-of-state disabled sibling. See attached file. Acknowledged
    10/05/2018 Dyck, John [PUBCOM]
Hardesty, Beth [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
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