Vermont Public Utility Commission

Case Details

17-3658-PET VGS/ 2017 Integrated Resource Plan Open Case Age: 435
Regulatory / Petition: New Paper Filing 07/14/17
Hearing Officer  
Vermont Gas Systems, Inc. [Petitioner]  
1 Issue(s):Integrated Resource Plan § 218c    
Commission-Issued Documents
Commission-Issued Documents 
Issued Name of Document Title Status Seal Type View Document
    07/19/2018 Order - Other Final Order Approving IRP Issued Public
    12/13/2017 Notice of Status Conference Notice of Telephone Status Conference Issued Public
    11/17/2017 Procedural Order Procedural Order Granting Motion for Extension Issued Public
    09/26/2017 Notice of Public Hearing Notice of Public Hearing Issued Public
    09/14/2017 Prehearing Conference Order Prehearing Conference Order Issued Public
    08/24/2017 Notice of Prehearing Conference Order Opening Investigation and Notice of Prehearing Conference Issued Public
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